Day 14: Coming home!

Quote of the day: Everyone before they got into the mutatu to head to the airport: “Byeeeee!”

I’m writing this from a much quieter house in Kenya, because everyone has left to head off back to England! While the Felton family stays in Kenya for another week for a family holiday, the rest of the group has driven away on their way back to the home of clean tap water and Costa.

It wasn’t all sad goodbye’s today though - Before everyone left, we went out to the market to buy souvenirs and finished the day with one last meal out together.

God clearly doesn’t think everyone has spent enough time together just yet however, as he has decided to delay the flight from 11:00pm to 3:30am! (Can’t pretend I’ll want to be there when I’m in my comfy bed, but please pray that the night goes quickly)

It’s been a fantastic 2 weeks together and I’m sure we’re all going to miss it as soon as we get back home. I thank Eddie, Sam L, Holly, Sophie, Myla, Joe, and Dad for making it such an enjoyable week, full…

Day 13: Painting and certificates

Quote of the day: Joe after narrowly dodging having to do a third spontaneous sermon of the trip: *while laughing* “I bloody love Kenya”

Today has been another busy day - but possibly some people’s favourite day. We cleaned and painted 2 classrooms in the dolphin academy primary school, watched Sam Lettington do impressions of Various members of the group, and gave out awards based on events that have happened While we’ve been in Kenya. Jack, for example, got “the clumsiest person award” after tripping on safari and landing in the mud.
The children at the school were very curious of what we were doing while we were painting - some of them even helped getting water out of the well.
The whole day has been very rewarding for all of us - we’ve really enjoyed providing something that will last to the school. As Kenya comes to a close, we’re all very grateful for the opportunity plume avenue has given us, and we can’t wait to share our stories with all of you.

Using the well to get cleaning…

Day 12: One million flamingos

Quote of the day: Holly playing the sims, expecting something exciting to happen: “What’s the best way to kill my mother?”

Today was a relaxing day - it began with another tour around a nature reserve where we saw more flamingos than we could count, as well as zebras, giraffes, jackals and vultures.
When we got back, we had a rather reasonable nap (well earned, after sitting in a van for a few hours!) and began our quest to prepare a meal for the people who have looked after us at Daniels house. Joe, Sam and Myla “helped” Sophie to prepare a butternut squash curry, and Eddie made whipped cream that was too whipped, and custard that was burnt (to be fair, only half of the jelly was bad, so his trifle was all in all a success)

The pudding wasn’t the only mishap during the preparation however - Joe prayed that the food would feed 5000, and then lived to regret his word when he overestimated the amount of rice needed and cooked double the amount needed for 14 people (oops!)

Eve and Geoff …

Day 11: Competition

Quote of the day: basically everyone when playing a very competitive game of Jungle speed: “SHUT UP JOE!”

Today began with the expectation of a church service at 11:00. Not a problem, we got up at about 9:00, and were ready at 11:00. We start waiting for the cars.

11:30... still waiting...

12:00... still waiting...

Geoff calls the driver, who tells him with a cheerful voice The service actually starts at 14:00. Thank you Kenyan time! 🙏

Fortunately, we filled the time with some (admittedly very competitive) games of Jungle speed and a game of Cluedo.

When we eventually did arrive at chrisCo Ngorika at a perfect time of 14:40 (the service hadn’t actually started yet), we listened to Geoff talk about Zacchaeus and how God works through unusual people.

Another good day for all of us - as the end of this trip gets closer and closer we’ve all realised we’ve got to make the most of what we have before it goes! Please continue to pray for support for all our leaders (especially Joe, who has …

Day 10: “One Million Giraffes”

Quote of the day: Sophie trying to explain young earth creationism: “I just wanted to make a satirical comment about bread...”

Safari day today which means lots of moving around and lots of photos! During our time at Lake Nakuru National Park, we saw buffalo, warthogs, giraffes, zebras and many more. We also tried our banana pancakes which we made yesterday - and I am pleased to report they tasted great!

Sophie also befriended a chicken, and named it Patrice.

I’ll leave the photos to talk for themselves, thank you for the prayers - please continue thinking of us, as we are very tired after a long day!

Monkeys (photo 1)

Monkey (photo 2)

Eve and Jack behaving badly, as they go past the safety barrier!


Sam and Myla at a waterfall in the national park


Jack after falling in the mud in front of a class of locals...

Family Photo

Sophie and her new best friend

Day 9: Joe of all trades

Quote of the day: From Sam Lettington “What is up my fellow Mazungoos”

It’s Sunday today, which means church for everyone! The Felton family and the rest of the lot separated and went to separate churches.

The Feltons’ visited Mollo to see Leonard’s church (a familiar face for people who have been to Kenya before) and afterwards visited his house for a wonderful lunch.

The rest of the team went to Leonett church. Joe gave a short 45 minute testimony, and was silenced by the locals when they spontaneously started playing their instruments to stop him talking (maybe we should take notes...). They also presented the minister of the church with a United Kingdom flag on request.

We finished the day with a small meal and Joe, Sophie, Sam F, Holly and Myla attempted to make banana pancakes in preparation for the safari day tomorrow.

We’re all feeling much better today - please pray for safety during the safari tomorrow.

Joe surprises everyone by deep cleaning the toilets and sinks??


Day 8: New contestants join the house!

Quote of the day: Sam Lettington when asked to say something for quote of the day: “no.”

Today we were greeted with three new people in Kenya. Jack, Sarah Felton, and Eve (Geoff’s mum).
They all arrived safely, and are enjoying Daniel’s house. Everyone appreciated the gifts from their parents - chocolate is a huge help when you’re stuck listening to Joe Robbins in a cramped car.

Joe: "I wasn’t in the car with Sam, and I’ll have you know I have the voice of an angel. Also thank you for the energy drinks :) "

Today we talked to the youth of the local churches in nakuru worship centre - everyone gave a brief talk about how we've come to be christians, and what we've learnt in Kenya. Joe also talked about taking steps of faith, and we enjoyed a meal with the youth at the church.

Please continue to pray for our health and our happiness, so we can continue to learn from this great experience.

Sam: "Holly, could you describe Kenya so far in a sentence?"

Holly: "…